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Symmetric Algorithms II
, Vivek Kapoor
Published in CRC Press
Pages: 97 - 117

This chapter explores the lead diverse feature and algorithms of symmetric key cryptography. Blowfish algorithm is a symmetric key block code, developed in 1993. It is used in a huge way in encryption and decryption services. Blowfish is a symmetric key algorithm that can be used as an exchange for Data Encryption Standard or International Data Encryption Algorithm. The series of RC algorithms was developed by R. Rivest in addition to MD5 algorithm series. It is widely used in a lot of networking acquiescence because of their optimistic speed and variable key-length capability. CAST algorithm is a symmetric key algorithm widely in use. It is a block code with uniform alteration. CAST-128 is a block cipher algorithm used in a group of products like GPG and Pretty Good Privacy. CAST-128 was agreed for use by the Communication Security Organization of Canada.

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JournalEmerging Security Algorithms and Techniques
PublisherCRC Press
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