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Talent acquisition group (TAG) at HCL technologies: improving the quality of hire through focused metrics
Dutta D, , Manimala MJ
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HCL Technologies Ltd., India's fastest growing IT services company, had radically improved its performance since the announcement of its famous "Employee First, Customer Second" strategy. Although sales, customer and employee satisfaction had significantly increased, HCL still lagged its competitors on overall profitability. With manpower costs accounting for a significant part of the operating cost, HCL responded to the changing competitive environment and redesigned its talent management strategy. The case is set in the dynamic context of the growing competitive environment of talent shortages and increasing wage costs in India where the Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) of HCL is looking to become a true business partner by evolving its service capability to help increase overall profitability. As part of its new strategy, HCL realigns the TAG, implements major change initiatives to align its members and signs up aggressive SLAs with the business stakeholders. With the implementation of a new HRIS system to aid quick decision making, innovative methods of talent acquisition and focused metrics for the function, the HCL TAG pushes the boundaries of what can and should be strategic recruitment. Learning objective: 1. To appreciate the importance of quality of hire and the methods used by organizations to ensure such quality. 2. To understand the process of designing and implementing appropriate performance metrics that would enable HRM to become a strategic business partner. 3. To highlight the issues and challenges involved in assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR systems, especially through the computation of ROI for HR initiatives. Subjects Covered: Human resource management; Information technology; Recruitment; Talent management

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