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Technology innovation as an evolutionary process
Garg S.B.L.,
Published in Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 41 - 50
Both Biological and Technology development processes have evolutionary nature and have some similarities. This paper examines the extent of similarities between the two and concludes that the similarity does not go very far. The Technological processes are controlled by the concurrent knowledge base of the development team, whereas biological processes depend upon the internal cell mutations, which depend upon the available environment. The working legacy of the organization controls its strengths, weaknesses and the entrepreneurial spirit, thus profoundly influencing its growth aspirations. Unlike biological processes, though the process of technological innovations is recursive in nature and continuous improvements in both product and processes occur. The biological evolutionary process however yields information for better understanding of the parts played by legacy of the organization and exploitation of available growth potentialities. © 2005, Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management.
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