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The pune power model
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Pages: 1 - 12

Description: In the early years of the new millennium, citizens of the growing industrial and commercial city of Pune, India, often faced power cuts as the state-run electricity utility struggled to meet growing demand. Government projections suggested that this situation would continue for several years. Rather than take this situation for granted, a group of concerned industrialists met under the umbrella of the Confederation of Indian Industry and the leadership of Pradeep Bhargava to find solutions to this problem. They soon realized that each of the large companies resident in the city had huge back-up diesel generation sets that were often idle since the power supplied from the grid was cheaper, even after they paid a commitment charge to the utility for ensuring continuous power supply. Could this back-up resource be used to meet the shortfall of power faced by the city? A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation …

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