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Religion and business have coexisted in perpetuity, and religious frameworks highlighting values beyond rituals have shaped cultures and thus always had an effect of people and their world, including business. Further, in an increasingly fast paced and globalized world, imperceptibly but surely, people are looking at religion and spirituality to find meaning in their workplaces. Consequently, the leadership values espoused by organizations and leaders also bear an indelible mark of these influences. How religion and spirituality, through cultural nuances, shape up leadership values for countries which have different dominant religions but with similar spiritual undertones, is a scholastically compelling question. This study explores this question through an exploratory qualitative research using semi structured interviews of 60 leaders from India and Vietnam. Results indicate that different religions with similar spiritual underpinnings shaped almost similar leadership values but social, cultural and political norms impacted the way in which some of these values were understood and practiced.

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