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Untangling public sector motivation from public service motivation- can the government office be rejuvenated.

, Sonali Gupta
Published in ProQuest
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Pages: 64-82 - 126

High motivation for public sector jobs has not necessarily translated into high
motivation for public service in India. Hence, we make a case to untangle public
sector motivation from public service motivation. This is an exploratory article
that analyses the scholarly discourse on public service motivation (PSM) to draw
parallels as well as contrasts with the contextual realities in India. Further, it draws
on Peter Senge’s concept of leader’s shared vision and cites examples where
the leaders’ shared vision has enhanced the spirit of services among the public
sector employees and general public. This contributes towards the literature on
PSM by bringing in voices from a society with “tough governance settings” that
scholars fi nd underrepresented in extant literature. It lends support to the call
for the third wave of research in PSM that takes into account multiple incentives
as motivators to work in the public sector.

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JournalJournal of Governance & Public Policy
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