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Using Creative Reconstructions as Care Based Strategies in Exploring the Unsaid
Published in The Qualitative Report Conference

While discourse analysis provides us with important understandings of how our life worlds are shaped by communicative legitimisations of different forms of social action, analytical processes through which we could uncover important discourses from what has been left unsaid in narrative data are still not fully clear. In this study, we indicate care based strategies for creatively reconstructing narrative data in order to analyse what may have been left unsaid in narratives accessed by qualitative researchers. We draw upon extended fieldwork conducted by one of the authors of the study in the state of Taminadu in India where he accessed narratives of fifty marginal entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs belong to a caste based community known as Nadars who run small street-corner provision stores to eke out their livelihoods. We adopted care based strategies of being attentive to the shifts between generic and specific tropes to dialogically uncover the unsaid in our data. We creatively reconstructed our data in order to pay greater attention to the contradictions that shape the subjectivities of respondents.

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JournalThe Qualitative Report
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